Manhattan Life – Revised Applications 2018

This is to notify you that Manhattan Life Insurance Company (MLIC) has updated applications for the following states: AR, AZ, IA, IN, MO, MO, NC, NJ, NM, OH, OK, OR, UT, VA, WI, WV, CO, and KY.

At the current time, Manhattan Life does NOT have a cutoff date for accepting old applications.

The new applications can be found on under the “form download” tab or by calling AIMC Marketing department at 866-708-6194. New supplies can be ordered online or via a Marketing professional.

Big changes made on the new Manhattan application. Manhattan will now consider an individual with cancer after 2 years vs. the previous 5 year timeframe.
*Please note, state variations may apply.

Please see below for other changes from 5 to 2 year.
     – Coronary artery disease,
     – angina,
     – heart attack,
     – cardiac
     – angioplasty,
     – bypass surgery,
     – stent replacement
     – Cardiomyopathy,
     – congestive heart failure,
     – aortic cardiac aneurysm
     – peripheral artery disease,
     – peripheral venous thrombotic disease,
     – vascular angioplasty,
     – endarterectomy,
     – carotid artery disease,
     – Internal cancer (examples include but are not limited to breast, lung or liver cancer, etc.),
     – leukemia,
     – melanoma,
     – Hodgkin’s disease,
     – lymphoma
     – stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)

To order or download / print new business supplies, simply log in to the agent portal.

• Visit and click on “Live Chat”
• Call one of our marketing representatives at 1-866-708-6194, or
• Email


Manhattan Life – Revised Applications 2018
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