Making Clients Aware of Income Protection

Some of this statistical evidence can prove to consumers that taking the necessary steps to prepare for a potential loss of income is essential.

Most consumers believe that accidents are the most expected cause of disability, but research shows that over 95% of disabilities are not work related; therefore workers compensation cannot be used. Here are some interesting statistics about Disability Insurance and what consumers believe:

  • Musculoskeletal/Connective Tissue Disorders are the leading cause of disability at 29%, while cancer is the second leading cause at 15%
  • Consumers believe their own “personal odds” of becoming disabled are 1 in 100 when in fact 1 in every 4 Americans in the workforce will become disabled
  • 37% of consumers have never thought about protecting their income

Start talking with your clients today about how disability insurance can protect their lifestyle, their assets, and most importantly – their family.

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Making Clients Aware of Income Protection