LTC Sales Ideas

LTC Sales Idea imageMutual of Omaha is laser-focused on helping you understand the features that set our products apart from the competition. Be prepared to discuss these important differences with your clients by reviewing the sales ideas below:

Care Coordination
We include a care coordination benefit to make it easy for policyholders to develop a plan of care and access LTC services.

Cash Benefit
Our policies include built-in cash benefit option that gives the insured greater flexibility in how policy benefits can be used.

Calendar-Day Elimination Period
Our policies include a calendar-day elimination period that allows people to access benefits of their policy sooner.

Home Health Care
Our policies include a variety of features designed to help policyholders get the LTC services they need at home.

Inflation Protection
Our policies offer a variety of inflation protection options that allow policy benefits to grow to keep pace with the rising cost of LTC services.

Monthly Benefit
Our policies include a built-in monthly benefit to give people more flexibility when paying for care.

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LTC Sales Ideas