“Long-haul impacts on senior living — what to expect in 2022”

Long-haul impacts on senior living — what to expect in 2022,” by Dwayne Clark, McKnight’s Senior Living


“Even if this virus could be gone tomorrow, the senior living industry will be living with its effects for generations. Our job is to understand what this means and adapt while staying ahead of consumer demands and industry trends. At Aegis Living, we’re already tracking how the pandemic has changed consumer confidence. Three areas are emerging as critical to consumer confidence in 2022. … Dwayne Clark is founder and CEO of Aegis Living.


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Dwayne Clark keynoted the Center for Long-Term Care Reform’s (CLTC “Financing” back then) inaugural conference in 1998. He is a thought leader in the senior living space. His ideas are well worth your consideration.