“Liz Weston: 3 steps to keep ‘solo agers’ happier and safer”

Liz Weston: 3 steps to keep ‘solo agers’ happier and safer,” by Liz Weston, Washington Post

“Many people won’t have children to look after them as they age, either because they didn’t have kids or the ones they have aren’t available or reliable. Without that help, they face greater risks of isolation, financial exploitation, malnutrition and other ills, says Geber, author of ‘Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers.’ Who will let them know when it’s time to stop driving? Who will notice signs of physical or cognitive decline and find appropriate help? Who will pay their bills, vet their financial advisors and monitor their bank accounts? Who will hire and supervise caretakers or research nursing facilities when they can no longer care for themselves?”



LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):

Most likely, social workers and Medicaid eligibility workers, picking up the pieces after the crises occur. Who’s to blame? Maybe decades of public policy undercutting personal responsibility and family cohesion.