Life and Annuity Policy PDFs to be emailed August 5

Mutual of Omaha will begin sending emails containing links to PDF copies of all life and annuity policies beginning August 5, 2020. The email will be sent within 24 hours of policy issue and will be sent directly to the client, the writing agent, the top-level marketer and any authorized user designated by the writing agent or the top level marketer with full access in Sales Professional Access. This email process will be in addition to the current paper policy output.

The email will contain a link to our Secure Message Portal system allowing access to view the PDF of the policy. Note: This process does not include e-signatures. However, delivery requirements and delivery receipts can be printed and wet signed or electronically signed using one of our approved vendors. Delivery requirements can either be mailed in to Mutual of Omaha with the envelope provided in the paper policy or sent via email to (recommended).

Guide to Viewing the Policy PDF.

Setting up an Authorized User on Sales Professional Access
If you have any questions, please contact your sales director.

Life and Annuity Policy PDFs to be emailed August 5