IUL Express is Here!

Jump in and buckle up! It’s time to pull out into the fast lane!

IUL Express is Here!We’re excited to announce that our Indexed Universal Life Express (IUL Express) is off the showroom floor and out on the open road! As of Friday, November 1st, IUL Express peeled out into the IUL market.

IUL Express has some of the same benefits of a traditional IUL policy, but does it all faster – faster underwriting, faster approvals and faster coverage for your clients.

We also have a host of marketing materials to help you promote and explain IUL Express to your clients, including a brochure, highlight sheet and more. We also have agent materials, including a guide to walk you through the sales process. You can find these materials on the new Simplified Issue Microsite or ordered through your normal supply channel.

You can learn more about IUL Express in the launch flyer.
If you’re ready to roll down the windows, crank up the tunes and put the pedal to the metal, jump in and join us in the IUL Express fast lane!

IUL Express is Here!