IUL Express is Coming Your Way…

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of the new Indexed Universal Life Express (IUL Express) speeding this way! Once it’s here, you better be buckled up and ready to go, because it’s going to create some real momentum in the IUL market.

IUL Express is coming...Our IUL Express product has a lot of the same great features as our traditional IUL, but speeds it all up – faster underwriting, faster approvals and faster coverage for your clients.

Beginning on November 1, 2019, this great new product will be available, featuring:

  • Issue ages 18-70 with death benefits of $25,000 to $300,000*
  • Permanent coverage with a 20-year minimum guarantee*
  • Accelerated death benefits for terminal, chronic or critical illness included at no additional cost (may vary by state)
  • No lengthy health inquiries or medical exams
  • Quoting made quick and easy with our Easy Solve quoting tool
  • Commissions paid on the full Easy Solve premium

You can learn more about IUL Express in the launch flyer. And, take a look at this sales idea to find out who the target market is.

IUL insurance, sped up. That’s how it goes when you’re livin’ in the fast lane!

* Maximum age for smokers is 65, maximum death benefit varies by issue age, guarantee lasts to age 80 for issue ages 61 and older.

IUL Express is Coming Your Way…