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Aflac Medicare Supplement | Offer a new MedSupp product from a trusted name

It’s time for Aflac MedSupp!

We’re pleased to announce new Medicare Supplement insurance coverage from Aflac, a trusted name in supplemental insurance. Aflac has kept their promise to be there for clients for over 65 years.

Offer your clients an Aflac Medicare Supplement plan from a name they already know and trust. This plan is underwritten by Tier One Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Aflac Incorporated, and will be launching for sales on August 1, 2022 in the following ten states: AL, AZ, GA, IA, MI, NV, OK, SC, WV, and WY! Aflac Med Supp has also filed in over 30 additional states.

Clients benefit from coverage they can count on, plus a household discount* in most states.

This is an incredible opportunity for GoldenCare agents! Get contracted today by clicking below or calling 800.842.7799.

For Agent Use Only. Not For Public Distribution.

* Clients are eligible for a household premium discount if they reside with a spouse or have resided with at least one other adult (but not more than three other adults). See full policy details for further information.

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If you’re already appointed through GoldenCare, but are not yet taking advantage of all we have to offer, call your Regional Director at 800-842-7799!

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