Introducing GTL’s New Text-to-Sign functionality

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Introducing GTL's New Text-to-Sign

Introducing GTL’s New Text-to-Sign!

Save time and bypass the Voice Verification Call!
This new functionality is available on the Agent Portal only.

Visit the Agent Portal

Here’s how easy it is to use the new Text-to-Sign functionality:

Client e-Signature image 1

When you reach the Client e-Signature page you
will have two options.


Client e-Signature image 2

Select Text-to-Sign and enter your client’s cell
phone number and click the Send Link button.


Client e-Signature image 3

Your client will receive a text message with a
secure link
to sign their application.


Client e-Signature image 4

Your client will sign inside the window and then
tap Submit. A second signature can be added by
checking the bottom box.


Client e-Signature image 5

Your client will receive a thank you message and
can now close the window.


Client e-Signature image 6

You will receive a message on the Agent Portal
that the signature was captured. You can now
continue with completing the application.



Contact GTL’s Sales Support with any questions by texting or calling (800) 323-6907, or email