Introducing a New Producer Call Flow Using the Amazon Connect Phone System

In last week’s article, Enhancements to the New Amazon Connect Phone System, we announced an enhancement was underway that would give producers a more direct route to customer service.

This new producer call flow has been implemented. Your path through the phone system now consists of only two questions.

  1. In the new experience, all callers will all be asked the same first question: ‘Please tell us if you are a policyowner, a provider, or a producer.’ You will answer with ‘Producer’.
  2. You will then be asked ‘What type of policy are you calling about?” From there, you will be routed directly to either the Life or Health Service team.

We are also pleased to share that we have seen significant improvements in our wait times based on the call routing enhancements that we implemented last week.

And don’t forget, many of the services available by calling a customer service representative are also available to producers within Customer Access (

  • Producers can view personal information, active and inactive policies, policy details, billing information, face amounts and cash values on life policies, outstanding loan information on life policies, and beneficiary information on life policies.
  • Producers can also complete a number of transactions on behalf of their customers, including updating personal information, change the withdrawal dates for automatic deductions, changing payment schedules, changing the payment method for automatic deduction to paper bill, downloading policy forms specific to the product type, and downloading payment history within a date range.

We appreciate your patience through this transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by contacting Mutual of Omaha’s customer service at either 800-775-1000 or 800-775-6000. You can also send an email to for Life Insurance inquiries and H& for Health product inquiries.

Introducing a New Producer Call Flow Using the Amazon Connect Phone System


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