In-Force Rate Action Announcement: New Stable Premium Option for Choice 1 Policyholders

To help mitigate the impact of current and future planned premium increases, we are providing an additional coverage option for most of our Choice 1 policyholders to consider when faced with a premium increase. Beginning on April 9, 2018, the new Stable Premium Option Endorsement will be available in states where it’s allowed.

This option provides a guarantee that the new premium associated with the Stable Premium Option will not increase until at least 2028, along with the following specific set of benefits1:

  • A three-year benefit period for individual policies and a six-year benefit period for shared policies. (Remember, the benefit period is the period of time used in calculating the lifetime payment maximum. The policyholder’s total available benefit payments are based on their lifetime payment maximum, not a certain period of time)
  • Retention of any increased maximum daily/monthly benefit
  • Automatic compound 1% benefit increases going forward
  • The choice of:
      1. An extended Elimination Period of 180 days for facility care and 90 days for home care, or
      2. A combination of 10% coinsurance (policyholder pays 10% of covered expenses) and a 100-day facility Elimination Period
    • Both choices continue to offer a home care benefit

The Stable Premium Option will be initially available in AR, CT2, DC, GA, LA, MI, ND, OK, PA, SC, WI, WY. Individual state availability will be noted on state rate increase bulletins.

The Stable Premium Option will be shown on all eligible Choice 1 policyholders’ premium increase notification letters as an additional choice along with 1) keep their current coverage, 2) additional options to change coverage and 3) pay nothing more, if applicable.
Policyholders may have other options to reduce their benefits than those shown on their letter.

Policyholders are encouraged to call Genworth’s Customer Service Team at 800-883-1127. Our team will be able to answer questions and provide policyholders with information regarding the Stable Premium Option and other ways they may be able to reduce premiums.
1.   The Stable Premium Option benefits shown here are the baseline structure. State variations may apply.
2.   Only the coinsurance choice is available for policies issued in Connecticut.

In-Force Rate Action Announcement:
New Stable Premium Option for Choice 1 Policyholders