Improved Internal Replacement Process

United of Omaha is updating our requirements for listing other Life Insurance coverage clients may have with Mutual of Omaha companies that have canceled or lapsed within the last 13 months, or that is pending or in-force.

Coverage that is pending, or currently in force, is required to be listed on applications under the “Other Coverage” section, with details provided accordingly. Clients who have other coverage with Mutual of Omaha companies that has canceled, or lapsed within the last 13 months, are no longer required to list this coverage on the application.

Clients will receive a letter notifying them of the other coverage, and that it may qualify as a replacement. They may choose to contact their agent, or our customer service department for further information or action if they would like to reinstate coverage. This letter will be mailed upon review of their application for Life Insurance, with a copy of the letter sent to their agent.

Improved Internal Replacement Process