“What Happens To Long-Term Care If Trump Remakes Medicare and Medicaid?,” by Howard Gleckman, Forbes

“Who will pay for the roughly one of every seven seniors who will incur long-term care costs in excess of $250,000? In today’s system, the answer for many is Medicaid. But, remember, Trump wants to cut the federal share of that program. An alternative: a universal public catastrophic insurance program that would shift some of the burden from Medicaid. My colleagues at the Urban Institute estimate that such a program could reduce Medicaid LTSS costs for those over 65 by one-third. And the insurance industry backs the idea.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
The Urban Institute’s plan to impose a compulsory, payroll-financed catastrophic LTC entitlement plan, once attracting a consensus among exasperated analysts who’d failed to pass anything heretofore, is DOA now that the political climate favors block granting Medicaid, targeting it to the poor, letting states experiment with fewer federal strings attached, and incentivizing responsible LTC planning via savings, investment and insurance. Good riddance to a bad plan. 

What Happens To Long-Term Care If Trump Remakes Medicare and Medicaid?