Guidance and deadlines for end of AEP enrollments

The 2018 Annual Election Period (AEP) ends Thursday, December 7. This means all Medicare AEP marketing efforts must cease on that date. Please make sure you follow the guidelines below when submitting your final AEP enrollments to us. Remember, we’re here to support you!

Dec. 7

All AEP applications for a January 1, 2018, effective date must be completed, signed, dated and received by the agent no later than 11:59 p.m. December 7, 2017. You may not backdate the member signature date, agent receipt date, or agent signature date.

Submit apps within 2 days

We must receive signed enrollment applications within two calendar days after you receive them from beneficiaries.

Dec. 9

We must receive all applications by December 9 to process them for a January 1 effective date.

After AEP

If you receive a completed enrollment application after AEP ends on December 7, do not hold or destroy it. Under CMS rules, you must still submit it to us within two calendar days as noted above. We then will process or deny the enrollment as appropriate.


Best practice: Submit enrollments electronically

To ensure you submit enrollments timely, we encourage all agents to submit enrollment electronically using the Ascend Virtual Sales Office app. If you don’t have the Ascend app, you can request access, and find how-to resources and 2-minute video tutorials, on Producer World

With the Ascend app, you can also use the new improved e-kit option. E-kits allow you to provide a full and compliant enrollment kit to every prospect — and receive credit for the sale — all without leaving your office during the hectic end of AEP period). Watch an e-kit training video.

Instructions for submitting paper applications

Review instructions for submitting applications by mail and fax (and email, for Aetna enrollments only).

How to check status of applications on Producer World

Step 1: Log into Producer World.

Step 2: Select “Individual Medicare” in the black bar at the top.

Step 3: Next, click the “Reports” tab in the middle of the page.

  • For Aetna application status, click the orange “Access Aetna Reporting” button. From there you can view the Pending Application report for pending applications or the Medicare Book of Business report for approved/enrolled members.
  • For Coventry application status, click the orange “Access Coventry Reporting” button. Next, you’ll need to login to App Tracker with your Coventry agent writing number and password. Then select the “Reports” tab to pull the various Coventry report options.


Thank you for your compliance to these guidelines and for your outstanding efforts this selling season.

Guidance and deadlines for end of AEP enrollments