GTL’s Advantage Plus vs The Competition

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GTL has paid over $100.8 Million in Hospital Indemnity and Cancer Claims since January 1, 2017!*

GTL’s Advantage Plus® Hospital Indemnity Insurance has a potent one/two punch! Couple GTL’s fast, transparent claim processing with a 15 year track record of developing innovative hospital indemnity benefits, and it’s clear that Advantage Plus® continues to be the champion of the senior hospital indemnity industry!

See below for details on how GTL’s Advantage Plus® knocks out the competition:

Guaranteed Issue Guaranteed Issue for ages
64½ – 65½
Underwriting Ease 6 month look back for inpatient confinement, 5 short underwriting questions 12 month look back for inpatient confinement, 7 underwriting questions GTL
Easy Rate Structure One rate for entire state, unisex rates ZIP code rated male/female rates GTL
Benefit Period Flexibility 1-day, 3-day, 6-day, 10-day or 21-day, 31-day** 6-day, 7-day, 8-day, 9-day, 10-day, 31-day GTL
Benefit Options $100 – $750 in $10 increments,
$1,000 – $2,500 for 1-day
$100 – $600 in $25 increments GTL
Ovservation NO YEARLY LIMIT – covered at 100% of daily benefit Observation limited to 6 days GTL
Inpatient Stays Covers hospitalization at 12 hours of confinement with Short Duration Stay Rider; automatically included with the 3-day and 6-day benefit periods. Also available for 10-day and 21-day benefit periods. Covers inpatient hospitalization at 24 hours of confinement GTL
Ask Mayo Clinic Online Policyholder access to Ask Mayo Clinic online 24/7 N / A GTL
Ambulance Rider $50 – $400 daily benefit – No admittance needed – includes air ambulance – $4,800 lifetime max Maximum of $250 daily benefit – $2,500 lifetime max GTL
Cancer Rider Issue Age to 85 Issue Age to 80 GTL
Cancer Rider Includes Skin Cancer Benefits N / A GTL
Cancer Rider Cancer Recurrence Benefit available N / A GTL
Skilled Nursing Rider Options Days 1 – 50 OR days 21 – 100 Days 1 – 50 available only GTL
Dental/Vision Rider Dental/Vision Rider available N / A GTL


GTL’s Advantage Plus vs The Competition