GTL’s Advantage Plus vs The Competition

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See how GTL’s Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance stands above the rest! To provide even more value to your clients, Advantage Plus® policyholders now have 24/7 access* to Ask Mayo Clinic online!



Has anyone been able to compete with
Advantage Plus’ features since 2005?


 Submission Options
Instantly issue your applications with our
e-App, Agent Portal or Paper

 Easy Rate Structure
One rate for entire state – unisex rates

 Simplified Underwriting
Guaranteed Issue for ages 64½ – 65½

 Easy Application
5 short questions, 12 month look back

 Quick Claims
Fast simple claims process pays claims in 8
to 10 days on average

 Stable Rates
Great, competitive first year and stable
renewal commissions

 Observation Stays
Observation covered at 100% of daily
benefit, no max limit

 Short Hospital Stays
Inpatient and observation covered at
100% daily benefit with 12 hours of

 Inpatient Stays
Covers inpatient hospitalization at 12 hours
of confinement with the short stay benefit; 24
hours without

 Ambulance Rider
No admittance needed to receive

 Skilled Nursing Rider
Same benefits paid from days 1 – 50

 Cancer Rider
Issue age to 85, includes skin cancer
benefits, cancer recurrence benefit
available, 25% in-situ

 Dental / Vision Rider
Dental / Vision Rider available

 Consumer Materials
Consumer-facing video and infographic

GTL’s Advantage Plus vs The Competition