GPM Plan Updates are LIVE

Ameritas GPM product refresh is here

GPM product refresh is here

The Dental Plus plan, underwritten by Ameritas, can now be quoted from your shopping URL. It remains one of the most competitive dental products in the market and is great for your senior clients. Available to anyone 18 and above, the plan continues its focus on preventive care and encourages clients to maintain their oral health for years to come with increasing benefits. Competitive rates and a higher annual maximum help make Dental Plus a great option.

You can view the new plan designs from your shopping URL or these marketing materials. Simply add your shopping URL to any piece using the fillable text box. The trifold brochure and postcard also have an area to add a QR code.

Marketing Materials

*NOTE: QR codes work best when materials are printed. QR codes need to be scanned from a camera on a phone or tablet, which may not be the preferred shopping experience for older clients. You can create a QR code using the QR generator of your choice, such as

GPM Plan Updates are LIVE