Good News | Exclusive Partnership Just Announced: GoldenCare & True Freedom

True Freedom and GoldenCare USA Partner to Provide Seniors with Innovative Home Care Solutions

LARGO, FLORIDA (September 14th, 2020)—True Freedom announces our Preferred Marketer partnership with GoldenCare USA, an Integrity Marketing Group company.

True Freedom is the only company that provides nationwide home care plans for seniors as an alternative to traditional insurance. GoldenCare and their western-states counterpart, American Independent Marketing, have been leading subject matter experts in long-term care for more than 40 years. By partnering together, they can now serve more Americans by providing unique options for long-term care.

“We are delighted to partner with GoldenCare and their Integrity platform partners,” said Bobby Gross, Co-Founder, and CEO of True Freedom. “The combined industry leadership of GoldenCare, Integrity Platform Partners and True Freedom is a powerful new force to better serve seniors with innovative planning solutions.”

“Doing what’s best for our clients is always what is most important for us as an organization,” said Lenny Anderson, President and CEO of GoldenCare. “By partnering with True Freedom, we can now offer an innovative solution that allows more Americans to live their senior years in ways that allow them increased comfort and security.”

To read the full press release, click below:
True Freedom – GoldenCare Press Release


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