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Our Guest Article in this Edition is “Dementia patients’ adult kids diagnosed earlier than their parents,” by Tamara Bhandari, MedicalXpress




REMINDER:  Holiday Telephone Solicitation Bans for the Month of November 2019


Industry Updates:

From Mutual of Omaha:

Time to Start the Conversation

Helping Younger Clients Plan Ahead with an LTC Rider

Building Wealth Outside the Business

IUL Express is Coming Your Way…

Have You Ordered Your IUL Express Materials?

What Will You Do With the Power of the Drop?

Advance Notice: End of Year Pay Schedule

Return of Premium Can Help Clients Commit

Flexible payment added to the Critical Advantage℠ e-App

Quick and Easy Underwriting with Critical Advantage

Show Your Clients the Value of the Critical Advantage products


From GTL:

Gen Clinical Trial Shows Substantial Benefit in Treating Pancreatic Cancer

Advantage Plus Advantage:  Underwriting Ease


Don’t Forget November is LTC Awareness Month!!






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