GoldenCare Newsletter | June 22, 2020

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From GoldenCare:

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“Offer Appropriate Coverage for LTCi,” by Romeo Raabe, NAIFA




REMINDER:  Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Refresher Training


Industry Updates:

From Mutual of Omaha:

LTC Issue Age Restriction Lifted in Select States

Updated LTC Underwriting Guide

Updated Next Steps Flyer

Updated LTC Cost of Care Numbers

IUL Express and GUL Express – Now Available on e-App!

Fully Underwritten IUL on Speed eTicket

Understanding the Value of a Care Coordinator

Reach Out to Self-Employed Clients


From Securian Financial:

Administrative alert!  Product updates to SecureCare Universal Life

Life insurance grace period extension update


From NGL

New Mexico requires “Coverage Options Flyer” | Updated Marketing Materials

Updated marketing materials

EssentialLTC now available in CA and new rate calculator launched






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