GoldenCare Newsletter | August 22, 2022

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From GoldenCare:

LTCi Rate Increases: How To Address Consumer Concerns

Thurs, Aug 25, 2022 11:00 AM  to  11:45 AM CDT


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Current Events, Benefits and Promotions


GoldenCare Fast Fact:






Free Leads? YES! Free Leads.

Jeff Clark has the details in the video above!



Understanding your Exposure with Telephone Solicitations

Medicare Compliance Guide


Industry Updates:


From Mutual of Omaha:

Sales Idea: Selling LTCi to Middle Market Clients

LTCi Advanced Markets Podcast

Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Leadership Announcement

Inforce Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Adjustments Effective November 1, 2022

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Transparent IUL Performance

Get to Know Mutual Income Solutions Underwriting

Creating a Critical Advantage Cross-Sell


From GTL:

Advantage Plus Elite’s New Guaranteed Issue Ages are now available in OH & TN



From True Freedom:

New True Freedom Consumer Approved Sales Aid Video


From Thrivent:

Just days remaining in our CareForward sales incentive

Four Truths about Long-Term Care


Medicare Solutions Corner:

Our portfolio includes Medicare giants such as Aflac, ACE, Lumico, Accendo/CVS Health, United Healthcare, Humana, and more! Click below for highlights.

How can I record calls in compliance with the new CMS call recording requirements?

ACE Medicare Supplements are here! Get contracted now

Aflac Medicare Supplement Summer Incentives

MONTHLY CASH BONUS from Lumico! (Q3 2022)

Upcoming Lumico Med Supp rate adjustment on 10/1

ManhattanLife Q3 2022 Agent Incentive

Humana’s Q3 2022 Incentive: The more you sell, the more you Achieve

Heads Up! Our 2023 Marketing Credits Program is Underway!

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