GoldenCare Good News!

Good News!

GoldenCare USA is pleased to announce a new way to quote the Critical Cash™ product available through Guarantee Trust Life (“GTL”)!

Check out the latest Critical Cash “Bucket” Calculator, developed by Tom Randall.
(Excel Format)


Present GTL’s Critical Cash policy with an easy-to-read, single-page illustration that includes the Monthly Benefit Amounts available, the Maximum Lifetime Benefit, the specific conditions covered, the period payable for each condition, and the premium!

This tool was designed in a new version of Excel. If when you open it, you see “trouble/error” pop-up boxes, simply close out of the pop-up box(es), and the program should ultimately work fine.

Also, remember to click “Enable Macros” on the pop-up box, and the latest version of this “Bucket” Calculator should work just as it did in previous versions used for quoting Critical Care.

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