GILICO Introduces Exciting AnnuiCare Changes


Not Your Father’s Long-Term Care Insurance
The Evolution of AnnuiCare®!

GILICO is excited to announce a new generation of AnnuiCare® underwriting is here! Over the next few months, we will introduce multiple enhancements to the qualification process, which will make it easier to know if your client is a good prospect for AnnuiCare®.

Phase 1 – Effective Immediately

  • Introducing a Prescreen Form — No more Rapid Response Form! Based on the answers to the questions on the Prescreen Form you will know immediately whether or not you should take application. If you client answers “no” to all the questions, the application can be written.
  • Phone Interviews For All — Face-to-face interviews will no longer be automatically required on all applicants over 69 years old.*
  • Electronic Application Kit — Fillable PDF application kits are available on
  • JET UNDERWRITING — For expedited service, fax your applications and Prescreen Form to our “Jet” underwriting Team at 222.343.1747

Phase 2
More changes are on the way! Watch for additional announcements!

* Guaranty Income Life reserves the right to request additional underwriting requirements at our discretion.

GILICO Introduces Exciting AnnuiCare Changes