Get your commission payments faster – sign up for direct deposit

It’s your money! Why not get it sooner?

Direct Deposit offers a convenient, secure and reliable alternative to mailed paper commission checks. It also provides assurance that your pay will be in your bank account even when you’re sick or on vacation.

What are some of the benefits of using Direct Deposit?

  • Your money will be delivered into your bank account(s) faster
  • Our secure site provides the security needed to ensure your information is protected and remains confidential
  • Virtually eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen checks helping to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud
  • Saves time by not having to go to the bank to make deposits
  • You can control where and how much money goes into your various bank accounts; for example, designate part of your commission check to your checking account and deposit the remainder into your savings account
  • Direct Deposit creates a contactless means of receiving your payment

Why wait? Setting up your Direct Deposit is easy and secure! Click here for detailed instructions.

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