Gerber Life “Advance Payment” Grow-Up® Plan

Looking for a new spin on an old favorite from Gerber Life?

Introducing Gerber Life’s new “Advance Payment” Grow-Up® Plan.

If your clients are looking for the convenience of making a single advanced payment* to purchase a children’s whole life policy, then look no further.

The “Advance Payment” Grow-Up® Plan is designed for parents and grandparents who are looking for simplicity. It has all the same features and benefits as The Grow-Up® Plan but with a twist — now your clients can make a single advanced payment to buy a policy and have that policy paid up for a selected number of years. That means your clients can still get up to $50,000 in insurance protection for their child or grandchild with no health exam required.

What better way to help your clients make the right choices for their families’ financial future than with the new “Advance Payment” Grow-Up® Plan. Now that’s a job fit for a hero.

Click the link below for a snapshot of the new materials available for your use.
Gerber Life “Advance Payment” Grow-Up® Plan