Provide Peace of Mind With Final Expense Insurance

Traditionally, families are left with debt after losing a loved one.
Your clients
deserve comfort and peace of mind knowing their
loved ones will have protection
following their death.

Product benefits:

• Everyone who applies is guaranteed issue
• Simplified underwriting on applications for first-day coverage includes:
No height and weight requirements
Multiple high blood pressure medications
Up to three oral medications for diabetes
• Issue age ranges from 50 to 80 for Assurance Plus and 40 to 80
for Guaranteed Assurance
• The process is 100% paperless with digital and telephonic signatures
• Face amounts are range from $1,000 to $40,000 for guaranteed issue
• Advances are available on first-day coverage and guaranteed issue
• Clients who can answer “No” to all health questions receive additional benefits:
125% of the face amount; $10,000 becomes $12,500
Accelerated death benefit with up to 90% of the face amount

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