EssentialLTC’s 2018 Tax Summary

We’re excited to release the 2018 Tax Summary that highlights the LTCi tax advantages for:

  • Premiums paid by individuals
  • Premiums paid by businesses
  • 1035 exchanges
  • Benefits for LTCi expenses
  • Return of Premium / Surrender Benefits

Use this easy easy-to-follow tax guide to begin the tax related part of the LTC planning conversation. You’ll also have a list of applicable IRC codes to provide your clients’ tax advisors.

Make the most of the 4th quarter of 2018 and think of business owners looking for another tax deduction for before the end of the year.

Contact our Sales Support team at 888-505-2332 or to be sure you’re well equipped to discuss the tax advantages of LTCi with your clients, especially your business owner clients.

Help your clients get another tax deduction in place for 2018 while they still can!

EssentialLTC’s 2018 Tax Summary