Enrollment tips: Use correct Medicare IDs and fax #s | Check app status

It’s easy to check application status online

To check the status of your submitted MA/MAPD enrollment applications, just go to the Individual Medicare page on Producer World and click on Reporting. The Pending Application report shows applications being processed. Once approved, applications appear on the Medicare Book of Business report. These reports are easy to review online or you can download copies of the reports to your computer.

Please note: We’re working to correct an issue affecting 11 MA/MAPD plans in our Producer World reports. Currently, our reports are showing the 2019 plan names for these 11 plans, instead of the new 2020 plan names. See a list of the affected plans.

Avoid processing delays: Use the correct Medicare ID number

Don’t forget, you need to use your client’s new Medicare ID number (i.e., MBI) on the enrollment form 2020 plans. CMS issued a new Medicare ID card containing a new Medicare ID numbers to all Medicare beneficiaries as of April 2019. The new ID number is a unique number for each beneficiary; to enhance security, it no longer correlates to Social Security Numbers.

Why is this important? If you use the old Medicare ID number (HICN) or guess at your client’s new ID number, it will cause a delay in processing the application, as we must research to determine what the beneficiary’s new correct Medicare ID number is. Review what the Medicare ID number looks like.

IMPORTANT: Fax numbers have changed! Update your records

Remember, fax numbers have changed for 2020. Unfortunately, we’re continuing to receive a high volume of enrollments into the wrong fax numbers, and this is causing significant processing delays. To determine the correct fax, you must look at the application ID number in the bottom right corner of every page of the enrollment form. The first two letters of the application ID number indicate where the application should be sent. Which fax number should you use?

Update: How to add optional supplemental benefits (OSB)

Some plans offer OSBs that allow members to enroll in additional dental, hearing or vision coverage for an additional monthly premium.

If a member wants to keep their existing MA/MAPD plan in 2020, during AEP, they still have the option of adding an OSB, if offered with their plan in 2020. To do so they can use the new one-page OSB form to have the OSB added to their policy effective January 1, 2020. Please use the link above to download an updated version of this form. Please disregard the version we shared last week, as it showed the incorrect fax and email address.

If the member is already enrolled in an OSB with their current plan and wants to keep their OSB in 2020, no action is required. They don’t need to submit anything to us.

If your client is enrolling in a new MA/MAPD plan, they can enroll in an OSB, if available, at the same time. Just make sure you select the plan + OSB option on the enrollment form before you submit it. Learn more.

Reminder: Add 2020 star ratings to your 2020 enrollment kits

CMS requires producers to review the 2020 star ratings document with beneficiaries when presenting 2020 Individual Medicare plans. By now, all 2020 enrollment kits you use should be updated to include the new 2020 star ratings document. You can download and print the new star rating pages on AetnaMedicare.com/stars to update 2020 star ratings in your existing enrollment kits. The 2020 star ratings page automatically appears in all enrollment kits ordered as of October 28.

Enrollment tips: Use correct Medicare IDs and fax #s | Check app status