Enhancements to the New Amazon Connect Phone System

In late November, we announced our new implementation of our Amazon Connect phone system for Life and Health Service and Claims. The Call Experience visual depicts the new experience.

Our producers and customers are very important to us, and we sincerely appreciate the feedback you have provided throughout the transition to our new phone system. We continue to make improvements based on your feedback and are working to correct issues as they arise. We are also reallocating resources and hiring additional associates in some areas to improve wait times.

We are confident that as we work to smooth out the experience, we will quickly be back to delivering the consistent, best-in-class service that you and your customers have come to expect from Mutual of Omaha.

We’d like to provide you with an update on some of the enhancements that have been made, enhancements that are underway, and tips to improve your experience with the new phone system.

Enhancements Made:

  • When there is a wait to reach a representative, the estimated wait times are now quoted for all calls.
  • We have adjusted the number of times the callback offer is made. It is now only made once during the call.
  • We have made numerous updates to refine call flows in order to improve routing accuracy.

Enhancements Underway:

  • Routing enhancements- These are designed to minimize “default routing,” including an option where the caller will be able to use a touch-tone response to indicate the reason for the call if the initial voice response is not understood or not provided.
  • Producer call flow enhancements- These enhancements will provide a more direct route for producers. We will share additional information as soon as these new features are fully designed.


1. How to Minimize Wait Times
Wait times have been highest in the “default routing pools”. A caller is sent to a default routing pool when the caller remains silent, when a response is not understood, or if a caller only says general words such as “customer service”, “agent”, or “representative.”

As mentioned above, we are working to provide a more direct route for producers. In the meantime, to minimize your wait time, it is essential to provide specific responses to the “Intent” question (In a few words, tell us how we can help you today?) and “Policy Type” (Life, Health, Cancer, etc.).

The list below provides examples of inquiry categories, with sample responses that you or your customers might provide to the “Intent” question (In a few words, tell us how we can help you today?).

  • Billing & Payment: Automatic Deduction, Billing Question, Payment Information, Make a Payment
  • Terminations: Cancel Policy
  • Disbursements: Policy Loan, Partial Withdrawal
  • Account Management: Address Change, Phone Number, Email Address, Beneficiary Change, ID Card
  • Claims Information: File a Claim, Claim Status
  • Policy Status: Policy Value, Policy Information

2. Using the Call Back Function
The system offers a callback option if the estimated wait time is greater than 3 minutes. If a caller accepts the callback offer, they keep their place in line and receive a callback when it is their turn.

The return call may come from a toll-free number that is different than the number you dialed. Some wireless carriers may identify the return call as possible spam or a “robo-call”. Please be aware of this if you have settings on your phone to prevent spam or robocalls.

When providing the number you want to receive a call back on, you may only enter a 10-digit number. We are unable to capture specific extensions. Please be aware of this if the callback number you provide is a shared office number.
3. Service Options, in Addition to Calling Customer Service
Many of the services available by calling a customer service representative are also available to producers and customers within Customer Access (www.mutualofomaha.com/access) or by sending an email to customer service.

Producers can view the following on Customer Access:

  • Personal information
  • Active/Inactive policies
  • Policy details (status, effective date, etc.)
  • Billing information
  • Face amount and cash value (Life)
  • Outstanding loan information (Life)
  • Beneficiary information (Life)

Producers can complete the following on behalf of their customers on Customer Access:

  • Update personal information (address, phone number, email address)
  • Change the withdrawal date for automatic deduction
  • Change the payment schedule (monthly, quarterly, etc)
  • Change the payment method from automatic deduction to paper bill
  • Download policy forms specific to the product type
  • Download a payment history for a specific date range

Customer service email addresses:

Enhancements to the New Amazon Connect Phone System


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