GoldenCare Agent

GoldenCare Elite Program

Designed for proven LTCi producers.

Agent Guidelines:

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Elite agents will move their LTCi contracts under GoldenCare.

GoldenCare will match their current level of compensation.

First Two Lead Orders FREE!

GoldenCare will pay for the first two lead orders for each agent as compensation for moving their contracts and joining the Elite Program.

Call your Regional Director at 800-842-7799 for details!

Agents will split commission with GoldenCare on LTCi policies on a 75%/25% split.

  • The 25% split to GoldenCare will be placed into the agent’s lead bank to be used for future lead orders.   If Mutual of Omaha product is written, this 25% of the premium will be paid at a super-heaped commission (in most cases, that is 111.5% commission).
  • Dollars accumulating in the lead bank belong to the agent, and can be paid out at any time.
  • If the agent desires leads and does not have enough dollars in their lead bank, they may contribute to their lead bank the amount required for the lead drop.

No Long-Term Commitment

  • Agents may leave the program at any time.

Agents qualify for all broker contests and support tools including:

  • Enhanced Insurance Lead Program
  • COOL – CareOptions Lead and Referral Tool
  • LTC CEO Selling Software
  • GoldenCare Rewards

Call your Regional Director today for more information!