Earn Big: ACE Med Supp 2022 Incentives

Earn Big: ACE Med Supp 2022 Incentives

Act quickly to qualify for a new bonus incentive from ACE Med Supp.


Contract by September 7th and get a fast

on your first underwritten case


Earn even more with no limit! Issue 5 additional apps and receive
$250 per underwritten case | $50 per open enrollment case

incentive period runs through December 31, 2022.

This fast start bonus is a simple way to boost your earnings. Make sure to get contracted by September 7, 2022 to receive $300 on your first underwritten case.
Offer your clients attractive features and benefits from ACE Med Supp, including:

  • Competitive rates — get great value and friendly service
  • Household premium discount may be available for eligible applicants
  • No waiting period for pre-existing conditions — clients are covered once enrolled!

Earn Big: ACE Med Supp 2022 Incentives
This is an incredible opportunity for GoldenCare agents! Get contracted today by clicking here or calling 800.842.7799.