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February 23, 2016      




Good News!

If you are quoting Mutual of Omaha's MutualCare® Secure Solution LTCi for your clients... consider this:
The MutualCare® Custom Solution plan offers more benefit, often for only dollars more!

In the example below, when compared "apples to apples," the Custom Solution premium is only about $6 per month more!

In addition, the Custom Solution plan includes a higher built-in cash benefit (40% of HHC), a built-in Buy Up feature on inflation options less than 5%, additional spousal rider options (Survivorship, Joint Waiver of Premium), more Return of Premium rider options, and greater flexibility!
Plus, our 3-in-1 Promotion is another compelling reason to sell the Custom Solution plan: You could walk away with the keys to a New Ford Mustang!
To review the benefit differences compared to the cost, call GoldenCare USA at 1-800-842-7799 and speak with a Regional Director!



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