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September 26, 2016

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The "Industry Best" illustration software for Custom & Secure Solution was recently updated to:
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Current GoldenCare Promotions:

3-in-1 Promotion
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Avoid Delays & Returned LTCi Applications
Remember to use 6Q on the MutualCare Solutions Producer Statement to avoid commission problems. If you have made other arrangements to use another commission code, please use accordingly.
For questions, or to verify the code you're using is correct, please call 800-842-7799!

REMINDER: Partnership Certification and 4-Hour Refresher
For all LTCi agents who took their initial 8-Hour Partnership Certification prior to September 2014:
Producer requirements for training continuation states:
"A four-hour refresher course must be completed every 2 years from the date the initial training was completed."
Please be sure you have completed the necessary ongoing training before submitting new long-term care business.
Click Here for each state's training requirements.
If you have any questions, please call Licensing at 800-842-7799!


Guest Article:

"5 insider tips for finding affordable long-term care insurance," by Barbara Marquand, USA Today
"Years from now many Baby Boomers will need help with the daily stuff of life, like dressing, bathing, eating or remembering to take medication. Regular health insurance, including Medicare, doesn’t pay for help with these ‘custodial care’ tasks, except in limited circumstances. Long-term care insurance does. Yet faced with the coverage costs, many long-term care insurance shoppers get sticker shock and give up. Here’s how to keep the price affordable."
LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
This article in the third-highest-circulation US newspaper (after Wall Street Journal and New York Times) quotes Brian Gordon MAGA, Jesse Slome of AALTCI, and Deb Newman of Newman LTC.
Click Here to read the entire article.


GoldenCare Gazette

Our Summer 2016 GoldenCare Gazette Is Now Available!
Are You Getting Your GoldenCare Advantages?
Whether you're a brand new agent, an existing agent looking for a new product or sales idea, or a seasoned pro - GoldenCare has something that can help you grow your business and increase your income.
So what makes us different? This Gazette will highlight some of the tools, programs and services we offer, which put us among the top MGAs chosen by agents.
Details on our 3-in-1 Promotion are also included. But don't forget: The Third Quarter for this Promotion ends 9/30/2016!
Click Here to view the Summer 2016 Gazette.
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Industry Updates:



NEW Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Product to Release Oct. 1, 2016 in Minnesota
On October 1st, 2016 Mutual of Omaha will be releasing a new Cancer portfolio: New Beginnings in Minnesota. New Beginnings is a cancer, heart attack and stroke insurance policy that provides a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis.

Idaho and Maryland Approve Lower Inflation Rates for Partnership Qualification for MutualCare® Solutions
Lower inflation rates now qualify for Partnership status in Idaho and Maryland for MutualCare® Solutions (LTC13) product. This change will be implemented on September 16, 2016.
LTC13 policies issued in Idaho on or after August 2, 2016, will determine Partnership qualification based on these new guidelines.
LTC13 policies issued in Maryland on or after August 9, 2016, will determine Partnership qualification based on these new guidelines.
Software — Be sure you update your MutualCare Solutions software by clicking the "Update Available!" notification in the upper right-hand corner, or click here for the full download.

New and Updated Forms for DI Choice
On October 1, 2016, Mutual of Omaha will be releasing a new Authorization to Release Information to my Agent form in the DI Choice application packet. This is a non-mandatory form that clients may sign that will allow their health information to be shared with their producer.
The Conditional Receipt and Temporary Insurance Agreement and Receipt (TIA) have been revised and will replace the current forms in the DI Choice application packets, also effective 10/01/16.  Listed within the announcement are some of the requirements for the TIA/Conditional receipt to be considered valid.

GUL and GUL Plus: Pricing Changes
Effective October 1, 2016, we will be making adjustments to our GUL product pricing. At the same time, we will also be enhancing our GRO rider maximum refund cap as a way for you to offer additional value for your clients. The GRO enhancement will also be included on our Income Advantage IUL which was introduced earlier this year.
For pricing change information, product highlights, and transition rules, click above to view Omaha's full announcement.



Competitive Medicare Supplement Rates for Your Clients
GTL's Medicare Supplement Insurance is available in Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Utah.
Make sure you help manage your clients' healthcare expenses with GTL's Medicare Supplement Insurance.

  • Simple Application
  • No Phone Interviews
  • 3-4 Day Turnaround Time
  • Online Enrollment Available
  • Email, Fax or Mail Applications
  • Instant, e-policy delivery upon approval
  • Household Discounts
  • Customer Service and claims handled by GTL's long-tenured staff that will treat you and your clients like family.



Next Round of In-force Rate Action Notifications to Take Place in Late October
In late October, we will begin policyholder notifications on the next round of John Hancock and Fortis policies impacted by the in-force rate actions, which will have an effective date beginning with anniversaries on or after January 1, 2017.
Policies Impacted:

  • John Hancock LTCI individual policies originally issued in Illinois, Louisiana, New Hampshire and Wisconsin
  • Policyholders in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota who have received an initial "capped" or "phased-in" increase
  • Fortis LTCI individual policies originally issued in New Hampshire and North Carolina

Announcing the 2016 LTC Cost of Care Survey Results
We are pleased to announce the release of our 2016 Cost of Care Survey, conducted by LifePlans, Inc. This year's survey revealed that the cost of long-term care services continues to rise.
To learn more, review our key findings brochure (LTC-1167), and access our updated interactive calculator.



New Policy Delivery Requirements, Policy Effective Dates and Payment Authorization Form
On October 3, 2016, we will be making updates to policy delivery requirements, policy effective dates and payment authorization form.
Transition Rules
Please carefully review the transition dates and rules below. No exceptions will be available.

10/02/16 — Last day policies will be issued without the new delivery requirements completed.
10/03/16 — Delivery requirements must be met for all policies issued on or after this date to become in-force.
11/07/16 — Last day we will accept the old version of the Payment Authorization form.

For complete details, see Genworth's full communication above.

In-Force Rate Action Announcement: South Dakota
As part of the strategy for our long-term care insurance business, we continue pursuing initiatives to improve the risk and profitability profile of our business, including premium increases on our in-force policies, as needed.
In September 2013, we announced our intention to seek premium rate increases on certain Privileged Choice® and Classic Select® policies sold between 2003 and 2012.
South Dakota has now allowed our requested increase, and the details of the implementation of this premium change can be found within the announcement.
Servicing agents will receive a list of their impacted policyholders in this state one week prior to the start of policyholder notifications. Policyholder notifications will begin September 27, 2016 and will continue throughout the next year. Impacted policyholders will be notified at least 60 days in advance of their billing anniversary dates.


Medicare Supplement News - Mutual of Omaha and Affiliates:


OEP Guidelines Reminder
The Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP) for Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans begins October 15 and will continue through December 7.
Modernized Rate Release
The following rate adjustment is effective Oct. 1, 2016. for new and in-force 2010 Modernized Medicare supplement - AR, IN, OR, MT, and KS.
In-force-Only Rate Adjustment
In-force-only rate adjustment scheduled for Mississippi.
Upcoming Rate Adjustments
Please review information on upcoming rate adjustments in NE, TX and NJ.
      • Plan N Rate Adjustment- Nebraska and Texas
      • 1990 Standardized Rate Adjustment- New Jersey





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