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June 17, 2019

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The "Industry Best" illustration software for Custom & Secure Solution was recently updated to:
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Avoid Delays & Returned LTCi Applications
Remember to use 6Q on the MutualCare Solutions Producer Statement to avoid commission problems. If you have made other arrangements to use another commission code, please use accordingly.
For questions, or to verify the code you're using is correct, please call 800-842-7799!

REMINDER: Partnership Certification and 4-Hour Refresher
For all LTCi agents who took their initial 8-Hour Partnership Certification prior to June 2017:
Producer requirements for training continuation states:
"A four-hour refresher course must be completed every 2 years from the date the initial training was completed."
Please be sure you have completed the necessary ongoing training before submitting new long-term care business.
Click Here for each state's training requirements.
If you have any questions, please call Licensing at 800-842-7799!


Guest Article:

"Caring for a Family Member Can Take a Toll on One’s Career," Advisor Magazine
"According to LIMRA research, there are 43 million Americans currently acting as an unpaid caregiver for a family member. Advances in medicine and better lifestyle choices have helped more Americans live longer but many of these older Americans often need caregiving help – and oftentimes it falls on the family to provide it. LIMRA wanted to learn how caregiving for a family member impacted their family’s finances. Aside from the out-of-pocket costs associated with caring for a loved one, which AARP estimates is almost $7000 annually, there is often a cost in terms of lost opportunity for those who work outside the home. New findings from LIMRA suggest half of unpaid caregivers work full-time outside the home. For many of these individuals, the demands of taking care of a loved one have impacted their career. The study found 4 in 10 had to take an unpaid leave of absence or decrease the number of hours they worked because of the demands of caring for a family member. Three in ten say they have turned down a promotion and a quarter say they have lost job benefits, such as medical, retirement, insurance, etc. because they had to cut back their hours due to their caregiving responsibilities."
LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
Whom should we thank for this sorry state of affairs? Well, maybe Medicaid. It made nursing home care easy to get, thus impeding the private market for home care and crowding out private financing alternatives like home equity conversion and insurance. Good intentions often have unintended consequences.
Click Here to read the entire article.


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Industry Updates:



REMINDER: Interruptions In Service For Toll-Free Fax Lines
PLEASE NOTE:  GoldenCare is experiencing interruptions in service with our toll-free fax numbers.
866-863-8608 — For contracting/licensing and marketing, please use 763-525-1977 in the interim.
866-863-8609 — for new business, please use 763-545-6243 in the interim.
Thank you for your patience while we get service restored for these toll-free fax numbers. Please call the office at 800-842-7799 for questions or concerns.



Let’s Talk About Our Underwriting Guidelines
Our Next "Underwriting Operation" Teleconference is scheduled for 10 a.m. CST June 20th, 2019: Let's Talk About Our Underwriting Guidelines.
Do you have questions on the topic, or do you have something you’d like to discuss? Prior to the teleconference, email

Have You Tried the LTC Cost of Care Calculator?
Statistics from Mutual of Omaha's Cost of Care can help your clients understand why it’s important to plan ahead for their long-term care needs, whether it’s through a Long-Term Care Insurance policy or our new Long-Term Care Rider on our IULs.

LTC Inflation Protection Buy-Up Option
The Custom Solution policy includes an inflation protection buy-up option that allows clients to increase their inflation protection percentage annually, assuring clients that their policy will be enough to pay for services they may need in the future.

Updates to Life Products for 2017 CSO Table Changes
Throughout the remainder of 2019, United of Omaha will be modifying the products in our life insurance portfolio as we implement the 2017 Commissioners Standard Ordinary (CSO) Tables.
The first phase of product changes will be implemented on August 1, 2019, impacting Income Advantage IUL, AccumUL Plus and AccumUL Answers.
We anticipate the second phase of product changes will be implemented in October 2019. These changes include CSO table updates for our Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) and Guaranteed Universal Life Express (GULE) products.

Have You Taken Advantage of Your TLA Upsell Opportunities?
If you have a client who gets approved better than applied for, this is the perfect time to use the Term Life Answers Upsell Program since they can potentially get more coverage and still be within their budget.

TLE: Affordable, Versatile, Simple
Families want to protect their home and the life they've built for their family. That's exactly what Term Life Express does.

TLE: Life Insurance Made Easy
Term Life Express provides clients with affordable rates and a simple application process. It also offers flexibility with 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30- year products available, in addition to ROP and non-ROP premium options.

Quick Guide: Prescription Drug Exclusion List
Keep our prescription drug exclusion flyer handy for a quick reference guide on what the knock out drugs are for Express products.

Get rewarded for Critical Advantage and DI sales
Gear up for more sales in 2019! Every qualifying Critical Advantage and Disability Income Insurance application you submit between June 1 to November 30, 2019, you may be eligible for an extra reward!

Cancer & Heart Attack/Stroke Insurance is great fit for your senior clients
Omaha's Critical Advantage portfolio includes CHS policies with a lifetime coverage option that can be issued up to age 89.

Critical Advantage Rate Decrease for Existing Policyholders
Another group of states have approved the Critical Advantage rate decrease of 20% for current policyholders. Effective August 1, 2019, the following states will have the new lower rates: Colorado, Florida, New York and Utah.



Missed GTL's Cross-Selling Cancer Insurance Webinar?
Thank you to all who attended the cross-selling Cancer Insurance webinar! We covered how you can bring up Cancer Insurance, why it's so important, and highlighted GTL's new and groundbreaking Precision Care™. Click above to access the recording.

Explain Short-Term Home Health Care in Under 4 Minutes!
Count on GTL to provide the tools you need to sell Short-Term Home Health Care Insurance!



NGL Welcomes Lori Gubash as New National Sales Vice President
Lori Gubash has joined NGL as their National Sales Vice President.
Many of you may know Lori from her years at Newman LTC as their National Sales Director.
"I am pleased to join NGL during this time of growth and look forward to building brand recognition for the individual portfolio of products, including the EssentialLTC product,” Lori said.



In-Force Rate Action Announcement: Kentucky (Privileged Choice® and Classic Select®)
Kentucky has now allowed our requested increase, and implementation details can be found within the announcement.
Servicing agents will receive a list of their impacted policyholders in this state one week prior to the start of policyholder notifications. Policyholder notifications will begin June 18, 2019 and will continue throughout the next year. Impacted policyholders will be notified at least 60 days in advance of their billing anniversary dates.

In-Force Rate Action Announcement: Missouri (PCS II)
Missouri has now allowed our requested increase, and implementation details can be found within the announcement.
Servicing agents will receive a list of their impacted policyholders in this state one week prior to the start of policyholder notifications. Policyholder notifications will begin June 25, 2019 and will continue throughout the next year. Impacted policyholders will be notified at least 60 days in advance of their billing anniversary dates.



Important TransCare II Application and Form Changes
Effective June 18, 2019 we are implementing updated TransCare II Application and Disclosure Packets for the various states due to adding the 3% Compound Benefit Increase Option Rider. Previous versions of the packets will need to be signed on or before June 17th and received on or before June 25th, 2019.

Important update regarding conversion application submissions
Effective June 6, 2019, please use the state-specific application for the policy owner's current resident state when submitting conversion applications. Any conversion applications received after July 6, 2019 that are not specific to the policy owner's current state of residence will not be considered in good order.


Medicare News - Mutual of Omaha and Affiliates:


Upcoming Med Supp Rate Adjustments
Please view the upcoming rate adjustments in IN, KS, MD, ME, MO, MT, NV, OH, OK, PA, SC.
Underwriting Updates Webinar Follow Up
Brokerage Sales launched the fifth live monthly webinar on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, titled Underwriting Updates. If you missed the webinar you can watch it on demand.
Med Supp Broker Bonus June Special
During the month of June, earn $40 per qualified application in Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina and Wisconsin in our special Broker Bonus program.
Medicare Solutions Product Portfolio
Mutual of Omaha's great senior product offerings and unparalleled service are the perfect complement to your clients' needs.
Upcoming Med Supp Rate Adjustments
Please view the upcoming rate adjustments in IN, KY, OK, TN, and WA.
Upcoming Med Supp Rate Adjustments
Please view the upcoming rate adjustments in IA, IL, IN, NV, OH and WI.
July Modernized Rate Release
Please view the upcoming rate release for AZ, CA, CT, MN, ND and RI.
June Summer Sizzle Webinar
Learn to build your Medicare business with Medicare Solutions monthly webinars! The next is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th at 10:30 a.m. CST.
2019 3rd Quarter Med Supp Broker Bonus Program
The Third Quarter Broker Bonus Program period is from July 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019.
2019 High Deductible G Availability
Effective July 1, 2019, Mutual of Omaha's new High Deductible Plan G will become available in GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, MI, RI, SC and SD.
New Mutual of Omaha Med supp Plans in WY
Agents may begin selling the new competitively priced Medicare supplement plans in WY underwritten by Mutual of Omaha.
AHIP Training for MA and Part D Now Available!
Producers wishing to sell our MA or PDP plans must successfully complete the 2020 AHIP annual certification. Why wait? Make sure that you’re Ready-to-Sell for this year’s AEP.





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