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July 25, 2016

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The "Industry Best" illustration software for Custom & Secure Solution was recently updated to:
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Remember, EVERYONE attending any of the webinars on our calendar will earn AT LEAST
50 GoldenCare Reward Points!*

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What Are GoldenCare Rewards?
Limit 1 Reward Code Per Unique Training Event. Points Are Subject To Change.  Restrictions May Apply.  Visit For Details.


Current GoldenCare Promotions:

3-in-1 Promotion
(Mutual of Omaha LTCi)


Announcing The Winners of the 3-in-1 Promotion's Bonus Cash Drawing
(1st Quarter):

$1,000 - Brian O., WA
$500 - Brian A., WI
$500 - Mark B., MN
$500 - Roger S., CO
$250 - Katherine C., ME
$250 - John F., MN
$250 - Cliff M., WI
$250 - Clark P., WA
$250 - Paul W., IN
$250 - Gail S., IL
$100 - Jeff L., RI
$100 - Dierdre H., WA
$100 - Bruce B., WA
$100 - Tim N., OH
$100 - Rose C., TN
$100 - Michael B., IL
$100 - George F., CA
$100 - Mark S., WA
$100 - Mary G., IA
$100 - Dennis R., ID

Congratulations To The Winners!

Avoid Delays & Returned LTCi Applications
Remember to use 6Q on the MutualCare Solutions Producer Statement to avoid commission problems. If you have made other arrangements to use another commission code, please use accordingly.
For questions, or to verify the code you're using is correct, please call 800-842-7799!

REMINDER: Partnership Certification and 4-Hour Refresher
For all LTCi agents who took their initial 8-Hour Partnership Certification prior to July 2014:
Producer requirements for training continuation states:
"A four-hour refresher course must be completed every 2 years from the date the initial training was completed."
Please be sure you have completed the necessary ongoing training before submitting new long-term care business.
Click Here for each state's training requirements.
If you have any questions, please call Licensing at 800-842-7799!


Guest Article:

"Boomers, it’s time to
spend—and pay taxes
on—your 401(k)," by
Suzanne Wooley,

"What the IRS giveth, the IRS taketh away.  At age 70½, the bill comes due on all those tax-deferred savings accounts we’ve been building, and this week the oldest baby boomers will begin to reach that finish line—with many millions more to follow.  Those waves of retirees will be required to start pulling money from their IRAs and 401(k)s."
LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
A lot of new money is about to flow through the fingers of older boomers.  A significant portion of it should go into LTC coverage of one kind or another.  There’s your challenge, producers!
Click Here to read the entire article.


Want More News?

Check out our website, and visit the News tab to keep up-to-date on the Industry's News and Changes.


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For The Week Of July 25, 2016
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Please check to see that you meet the minimum system requirements and that you have the
equipment needed to attend before downloading the latest version of GoToWebinar.
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Medicare Part D Certification
Any producer who receives renewal commissions for Part D sales from Mutual of Omaha must certify annually to continue to receive renewal commissions for Coventry Medicare Part D Plans. As Coventry is now an Aetna company, there is one combined certification process. Certification must be completed by December 31, 2016.
For additional information and instructions on completing the required renewal certification, click the link above.


Industry Updates:



MutualCare® Solutions Product and Underwriting Guide Revised
The updated MutualCare® Solutions Product and Underwriting Guide (156217) is now available to navigate you through the field underwriting process. We want your interaction to be positive and help you manage your client's expectations.
Some of the changes include Partner Premium Allowance clarification, updated medical impairments, adding MIB to the list of underwriting requirements, updates to the appeal handling period, and the addition of a Claims Section.

Disability Income Choice® Sales and Marketing Process
Consumer market research by the Council for Disability Awareness* found that consumers underestimate their risk of becoming unable to work because of an illness or injury. And they lack an understanding of the resources that would be available to them.
That's where you can make a difference, and our needs-based sales and marketing materials are designed to help you do just that. From prospecting to point-of-sale, you have the tools to address these misconceptions directly and have a fact-based conversation about the important role of disability insurance.

Living Benefit Riders added to Term Life Express
Term Life Express offers simplified underwriting, competitive pricing, and attractive conversion privileges AND on August 1, 2016, TLE will now also include no-cost Living Benefit Riders (only on the TLE non-ROP policies).
The Living Benefit package will include three Accelerated Death Benefit Riders at no additional cost to the customer:
    • Chronic Illness
    • Terminal Illness
    • Critical Illness

For additional details, including state availability and descriptions of each Accelerated Death Benefit Riders, click the link above.

Legacy Block Rate Adjustments Effective October 1, 2016
Mutual of Omaha will be implementing rate adjustments on older legacy blocks of long-term care insurance in Colorado, North Carolina, Utah and Washington, effective October 1, 2016.
Notification to all affected policyholders will be mailed by August 1, 2016 to ensure policyholders in the approved states receive notification of their October 1, 2016 premium rate increase.



GTL Medicare Supplement Now In Georgia and Pennsylvania!
Great News! GTL is now offering Medicare Supplement Insurance in Georgia and Pennsylvania! Click above to find how GTL makes it easy to sell Medicare Supplement insurance.



Performance LTC™ - A Closer Look
Performance LTC is the first long-term care insurance policy to provide an illustration that shows policyholders how insurance and investment experience could affect their Net Premiums in the future.
A signed completed illustration is required at time of the application. John Hancock also requires a revised signed illustration in the following circumstances:

  • If there is a change to the premium during the new business process
  • If the client is requesting a reissue that changes the premium

Click the link above to read the article.



Update: CareDirections Simplicity® Rate Increase Action Implementation In MN & OH
As you are aware, MedAmerica is currently in the process of raising rates on the CareDirections Simplicity® product line. This rate action does not affect Simplicity ii. This notice is to inform agents that they are implementing rate increase activity in Minnesota and Ohio, and are implementing the rate increase activity in those states. Please note that the rate increase implementation in Minnesota will be conducted over a four-year period. This is the only notification agents will receive regarding this rate action.
MedAmerica will mail notification of the rate increase to affected insureds on July 20, 2016. Following the state required notification timeframe, the new premium amount will be effective as of the insured's next billing date.



Reminder Regarding Updated Long Term Care Insurance Forms
On June 27, Genworth Long Term Care Insurance Company, made changes to some new business forms. Those changes are outlined in the June 20, 2016 bulletin.
Changes that required new forms and transition rules are outlined in the communication above.

In-Force Rate Action Announcement: Indiana
In August 2012, we announced our intention to seek premium rate increases on certain blocks of comprehensive long term care insurance policies, including Pre-PCS, PCS 1, PCS II, and Choice 1. During the course of 2012-2014, we implemented rate increases on these blocks of business. In some states, the full requested increase was not received. Genworth began submitting requests in these states during the second half of 2014. Approvals had been received in a number of these states, and Genworth is now beginning to implement the second round of increases in Indiana. This implementation does not include the Indiana Partnership policyholders.
Servicing agents will receive a list of their impacted policyholders in these states one week prior to the start of policyholder notifications. Policyholder notifications will begin July 26, 2016 and will continue throughout the next year. Impacted policyholders will be notified at least 60-days in advance of their billing anniversary dates.


Medicare Supplement News - Mutual of Omaha and Affiliates:


Smartphone Quote App for Questions on the Run
Smartphone Quote App Provides Convenience. Get premium quotes on the go with this mobile app for iOS and Android Smartphones.
Upcoming Rate Adjustments
Please review information on upcoming rate adjustments in OK and MT.
      • 1990 Standardized Rate Adjustment- Oklahoma (supp/SELECT) and Montana

New Medicare Supplement Plans
Effective July 23, 2016, you may begin selling our competitively priced Medicare supplement in Pennsylvania underwritten by Mutual of Omaha, Medicare supplement and SELECT in Tennessee underwritten by Omaha Insurance Company, and Medicare supplement in Texas underwritten by United World.
Medicare Part D Certification
Any producer who receives renewal commissions for Part D sales from Mutual of Omaha must certify annually to continue to receive renewal commissions for Coventry Medicare Part D Plans.
Modernized Rate Release
The following rate adjustments for DE, GA, OK, IL and WA are effective August 1, 2016, for new and in-force 2010 Modernized Medicare supplement.
Upcoming Rate Adjustments
Please review information on upcoming rate adjustments in AL, IA, GA, and ME.
      • 2010 Modernized New and In-force- Maine
      • 2010 Modernized In-force Only Rate Adjustment- Georgia and Alabama
      • 1990 Standardized Rate Adjustment- Iowa and Georgia
      • Plan N Rate Adjustment- Maine and Georgia






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