GTL has made an even faster option to
process your clients' Short-Term Home
Health Care Prescription Drug claims!

GTL's Prescription Drug underwriting now uses the power of
artificial intelligence to process claims even faster! To fully
take advantage of this upgrade, we've updated the optional
Prescription Drug claim form to include some "Do's" and
"Don't's" for your clients to follow when submitting a claim.

This new, optional Prescription Drug claim form is available
for your clients on by selecting "File a Claim" and
clicking "Standalone Prescription Drug Claim Form (Short-
Term Home Health Care)".

GTL File A Claim Button
If you have any questions, please contact Sales Support by
emailing or calling 800-323-6907.




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FOR AGENT USE ONLY - Cannot be distributed to the public or used in any consumer solicitation. Short-term home health care insurance, is issued on Policy Form Series G1670 by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company, Glenview, IL. This product, its features, and riders are subject to state availability and may vary by state. Certain exclusions and limitations may apply. For cost and complete details of coverage, please refer to the outline of coverage.