Heritage Whole Life Update
Social Security Drafting Information

When selecting Social Security Drafting for GTL's new Heritage Plan Whole Life Product, if approval date is after the selected draft option, please select an effective date for the policy to be the 1st of the following month in order to have the draft occur on the next expected Social Security payment date.

Example 1
The client wants a July 1st effective date and a 2nd Wednesday drafting is requested.
▸ The first policy draft will occur on Wednesday, July 10th.

Example 2
If the policy is effective July 15th and a 2nd Wednesday drafting is requested (which has passed).
▸ The first policy draft will take place on the 15th then subsequent drafts will be on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.
▸ If an effective date is not requested, the approval date will be the effective date.


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