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Advantage PlusR Elite, Limited Benefit Policy, providing Hospital Confinement Indemnity Benefits, is issued on Form Series G2150 and Rider Form Series RG21ASB, RG21CA, RG15CLS, RG15CLSR, RG15DV, RG21LSH, RG21OPS, RG21OPT, RG21SNF, RG21SNF-EP, by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company, Glenview, IL. This product, its features, and riders are subject to state availability and vary by state. Certain exclusions and limitations apply. It is not a Medicare Supplement policy or certificate, and does not fully supplement any federal Medicare health insurance.
*Must submit a minimum of 5 Advantage Plus Elite, applications to qualify between 09/1/2021 and 09/30/2021. GTL will pay the per application bonus on qualifying business on applications submitted, signed and dated between September 1 and September 30, 2021. All applications must be received at the home office no later than 10/10/21 and must be effective, issued, paid and inforce on 10/31/2021 to qualify. Bonus excludes any hospital indemnity internal replacements. Payouts will be processed no later than November 31, 2021. Guarantee Trust has the exclusive right to change the program rules and payout amounts. Participation is based on meeting production minimums and the agent must be in good standing with GTL and comply with all state insurance rules and regulations. Split cases are not eligible. Business written on self or immediate family members will not count toward qualifying production. Premiums under $20 monthly EFT or $240 annually do not count toward qualifying production. Qualifiers must maintain a minimum persistency on qualifying business.