DI Underwriting Enhancements

We appreciate your Disability Insurance business and valuable feedback. Our Disability Income Underwriting has invested time and resources in an effort to standardize delivery requirements and improve communication with our business partners.

After listening to your feedback, the enhancements below are now implemented:

  • Initial Review Complete Email Enhancements
    • Case managers will add attachments such as missing app information, missing forms, and app corrections
    • Memos (emails) will be added to clarify what is still outstanding or needed
  • Notification Follow-up
    • Case managers will reach out via phone call one week after the initial email is sent, if no action has taken place
    • Once pending requirements are received an email notification is sent along with outstanding requirements, if applicable.
    • Underwriters will reach out one week after an offer has been made to inquire about status, if there is no response to the offer email
    • If additional requirements are necessary, you will receive an email from the Underwriter explaining the need for new requirements
  • Simplified Amendments Process
    • Most missing application information can now be submitted via email or phone call. Any information received without being initialed by the client will result in an amendment to the application and will require the applicant’s signature upon delivery.
    • Signatures on applications and ancillary forms are required and outside of scope

We want to hear from you. Please provide feedback regarding process enhancements by contacting your sales manager.

DI Underwriting Enhancements