Delay in Mailing SureBridge Policy Print & ID Cards

Delay in Mailing SureBridge Policy Print & ID Cards

Our print vendor has made us aware of a system issue causing a delay in mailing of SureBridge Policy Prints and ID cards. Those affected by this delay are SureBridge customers with new business policies issued on Dec. 22, 2021 and after, who did not choose eDelivery for their plan materials. Additionally, requests for duplicate policy and ID card prints made on Dec. 22, 2021 or after are also affected. However, your customers can log in to the customer portal, to view their documents electronically..

The print vendor has advised that the system issue should be corrected by Friday, Jan. 7, 2022. Once printing resumes, there may still be a slight delay with mailing documents through next week. Mail delivery of policy prints and ID cards should be back on track within 7-10 days. We apologize for this inconvenience and are assured this is the print vendor’s top priority.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

Contact SureBridge Producer Support by calling 888-797-4447, or by emailing:

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