Correction: Premium Change for SureBridge Prime DVH

We previously notified you of a rate adjustment in the pricing of the SureBridge Prime DVH product, effective May 6, 2022, for new business. We also indicated that premiums would change on this same date for existing policies that have been in force for more than 12 months in the states of AL, AZ, CT, ID, IL, MN, NE, OK, and WY.


  • The premium change for existing policies in the states shown above will take place after they have been in force for more than 6 months, not 12 months.

The letters sent to your customers are correct. This was only an oversight in our previous communication to you.

As a reminder, new quotes and applications for Prime DVH will reflect the new rates on the POS tool starting May 6, 2022. Even with this upcoming adjustment, we expect Prime DVH plans to remain very competitive in the Dental-Hearing-Vision product landscape. See how we stack-up against current competitors; view this DVH product comparison.

As previously communicated though, we will continue to notify you prior to future releases of SureBridge Prime DVH rate adjustments in certain states.

We apologize for the lateness of our correction. We appreciate your business and recognize the exceptional service you provide for your customers. Thank you for your understanding.

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