Continuous Improvements to New Amazon Connect Phone System

In late November, we announced our new implementation of our Amazon Connect phone system for Life and Health Service and Claims. The Call Experience visual depicts the new experience. Overall, we have been pleased with the deployment of the new phone system and have received positive feedback.

As with any change, we have also received constructive feedback. One of the major benefits of the Amazon Connect phone system is that we are able to quickly adjust the system and correct issues as they arise.

  • Call Routing Improvements:
    • The new system is designed to help facilitate our new operating model. Today our associates are generalists, which requires them to have knowledge of a wide range of information and be trained on all types of requests. In our new operating model, associates are specializing and becoming experts in certain request types (i.e. payments and billing, account changes or terminations). The new system allows us to route callers to the appropriate specialist.
    • Each day, we are able to see where calls were not routed properly and are able to use that data to increase the system’s understanding and get those calls routed appropriately. We have already made a number of adjustments and have seen a continued decline in the number of calls that were routed incorrectly. The system’s performance and routing accuracy will continue to improve as we fine-tune the experience.
  • Wait Times:  In addition to the implementation of the new phone system, we also experienced higher than forecasted call volumes in the days following the implementation, which led to longer wait times. In response, we made modifications to our call flows to improve self-service functionality, implemented special wait time messaging for that time period, and leveraged additional analysts to assist with phone calls.

In recent days, we have also implemented some additional system enhancements, including:

  • Producer Identification:  While producers will continue to use the same service and claims toll free numbers as our policyholders, we have implemented new functionality where the producer can identify themselves. When the system asks ‘In a few words, tell us how we can help you today’, you can now respond with ‘producer’. The system will then ask questions appropriate for a producer, and your call will be routed more efficiently.
  • Call Routing Improvements:  Since the initial implementation, we have made over 65 enhancements to our call flows. These improvements include things like: producer identification (as described above), tuning the system to understand phrases that were not initially understood, and asking for the product type before default-routing a call.

We appreciate your patience through this transition. We want to assure you that we will continue to make ongoing enhancements to improve the experience for you and your customers. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know by contacting customer service at either 800-775-1000 or 800-775-6000. You can also send an email to for Life Insurance inquiries and H& for Health product inquiries.

Continuous Improvements to New Amazon Connect Phone System


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