Congress Declares November as Long Term Care Awareness Month

by Matt Sussman, Senior Director of Business Development


Is it ironic that we share this awareness month with the National Alzheimer Disease Month, Lung Cancer awareness month, or Pancreatic Cancer awareness month? Cognitive issues and cancer are two major reasons someone may need to utilize long term care. We also share this month with National Home Care and Hospice month, National Family Caregiver month and the 41 other November monthly Observations.

What makes this month so special to us (long term care insurance agents), is that we get to be a part of it. We also get to be part of the Family Stories awareness month (yes, another November observation), as most of us have a story to tell of a loved one or a friend who needed care. I know I do!!  Is it the story where I was in charge of my Grandmother’s care, which occurred at home due to her dementia and diabetes, or about my father in-law who was diagnosed with Pick’s Disease and utilized all levels of care, starting from care at home, moving into an Assisted living facility for 2 weeks until his stroke took his independence away, sending him into a nursing home for 2.5 years.  What is the story about long term care you share with your clients?

We are the ones who can start the conversations about protecting families from the financial, physical and emotional strain on the ones they love and care about when care is needed. We are Long Term Care Insurance sales agents who have saved families from the potential financial devastation caused by needing long term care. We are the ones that have protected families from never speaking again because mom or dad needed long term care; we are also the ones who have allowed mom and dad to stay in their home because they planned for a long term care event.

Take this Long Term Care Awareness Month and talk about what we do as producers to help entire families.  Reach out to your community partners, groups, and associations you belong to, or contact those prospects you have not managed to speak with yet.  This is a good time to rejuvenate your efforts to help people protect themselves financially against the need for long term care. I hope November is a great long term care sales month for you. Good selling!!