Change to Underwriting Medical Requirements

Immediate Change to Medical Requirements for Full Underwriting

Due to a laboratory test kit being discontinued, our vendor, ExamOne, now requires a blood specimen to complete the panel of tests full underwriting requires. Effective immediately, blood specimens will be required on those adults ages 35 and up for face amounts $0-99,999, on products issued and underwritten by State Life. This change will not impact Underwriting’s processing time and only applies to full underwriting. This does not affect Expedited Underwriting.

OneAmerica Underwriting Change To Medical Requirements 1022

You can view the complete chart on page 13 of the updated Care Solutions Process Guide, I-33758.

Please make sure any clients in the underwriting process are aware of this change and are prepared to undergo the collection of vitals, labs, and any other medical requirements during their exam appointment.

As always, our Underwriting team is available to discuss any specific questions or concerns you may have about individual cases that may be in the pipeline as this time.

Change to Underwriting Medical Requirements