Care Solutions LTCG Interview Auto-Order Update

Coming soon: Care Solutions LTCG interview auto-order for ALL applications

As we continue to make updates and improvements that enrich both client and agent experiences with OneAmerica®, we’re excited to announce an addition to our previously launched Care Solutions LTCG interview auto-order enhancement.

In March we implemented this feature for all electronic applications (eApps). Beginning on May 22, 2020, the auto-order feature will also be implemented for non-eApps. Read below for more on how this enhancement simplifies and shortens the application process for both clients and agents, no matter which application process you choose!
What you need to know
Starting May 22, whenever you submit an application — whether an eApp or non-eApp — the LTCG interview will be automatically ordered as part of the process. You will no longer need to contact LTCG to request a client interview!
How it works
For eApps, simply follow the on-screen prompts to initiate the interview order. The interview will be automatically and immediately ordered. Remember, eApp is the quickest, easiest way to submit new business with OneAmerica!

For non-eApps, submit the application as usual, and the order will be placed with LTCG within 1 – 2 business days from when we receive the application. Be sure to include an email address on the application if possible, to expedite the interview scheduling process.

In both cases, LTCG will reach out directly to the client by email (if available) and/or phone to schedule the interview. There is nothing more you need to do.
How do I know the LTCG interview order was placed?
For eApps, you will receive an immediate on-screen confirmation number validating that the LTCG interview order was placed. For non-eApps, you or your back office can find the NCL confirmation number in OneSource Online, in the Pending Requirements section.
Prepare for May 22
Remember, this enhancement is already live for eApps. For non-eApps, please continue to order LTCG interviews on any applications submitted until May 22. Thank you for doing business with OneAmerica. We look forward to continuing to enhance your experience with us in 2020!

Care Solutions LTCG Interview Auto-Order Update