Broker Bonus Program

You can make even more bucks on your Medicare supplement and SELECT underwritten business through our 2nd and 3rd quarter Broker Bonus Program.

Here are the nuts and bolts:

Qualification Period:
Bonus Program period is from April 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018.

Eligible states:
Payment will be made on qualified applications in the following states:

Alabama Iowa* New Jersey South Dakota
Arizona Kentucky* New Mexico Tennessee
Colorado* Maryland* North Carolina Texas
Florida Mississippi Ohio Utah
Georgia Nebraska* Oklahoma Virginia
Illinois Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia*
Indiana New Hampshire South Carolina Wisconsin

* 6 new states added for this contest period.

Qualifying Apps:
All Medicare supp/SELECT applications, any state, any Plan and any type, issued between April 1, 2018 and September 30, 2018 will COUNT toward the five applications per month minimum needed to qualify for payment.

You can qualify with a minimum of five issued apps in a month

  • $150 cash per issued policy for Underwritten business (includes internal and affiliate conversions)
  • $30 cash per issued policy for Open Enrollment business (excludes internal and affiliate conversions)
  • Pays on Plans F, G and N only (Policy WM28 in Wisconsin)
  • Pays only on Med supp/SELECT applications issued in the states listed above
  • Payment schedule is based on effective date of issued applications and policies must be inforce at time payment occurs
  • Certain exclusions apply

For complete details, click here.

Our bonus program is just one more reason to sell Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement.

Thank you for your business.
Broker Bonus Program