Brian Vestergaard Named VP Of Sales & Marketing

LifeSecure Insurance Company has named Brian Vestergaard as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This is an expansion of his previous position, in which he served as the company’s Vice President of Product and Marketing.

Brian will now lead LifeSecure’s Sales, Product, and Marketing areas. His broader responsibilities now also include directing the strategic planning and development of key business opportunities that will continue LifeSecure’s national growth.

Brian’s business acumen, innovative thinking, and strategic approach to LifeSecure’s long-term vision will complement the existing sales leadership’s depth of knowledge and expertise in navigating external partnerships and exceptional relationship-building strengths. Brian joined LifeSecure when it was founded in 2006 and has nearly 20 years of experience in the long-term care and ancillary insurance industry.

Cindy Harris will continue in her role as Senior Director of Sales and will now report directly to Brian. Cindy contributed heavily to the sales strategy that has resulted in LifeSecure’s significant growth in a highly competitive industry and she remains an essential principal leader for LifeSecure’s Sales team. Linda Fabian will also remain in her role as Director of National Accounts, where she has played a crucial role in leading and executing LifeSecure’s sales strategies.

Our exemplary Sales team and all of us thank you for choosing LifeSecure Insurance Company.

Brian Vestergaard Named VP Of Sales & Marketing