Assisting Non-English Speaking Applicants

If you and the applicant are not fluent in the same language, an interpreter must be present to translate all questions and responses.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to have an interpreter available to meet with you when the application is completed. The applicant may choose an interpreter, but the interpreter cannot be a family member, beneficiary, or someone who would benefit from the issuance of a policy. You may serve as an interpreter if you and the applicant are fluent in the same language.

In addition to questions on the application and the applicant’s responses, the interpreter is required to translate all comments you make as well as information contained in marketing materials and forms.

With the assistance of an interpreter, you should ask the applicant to sign the application and the Producer or Witness Certification form (MLU25947).

Be sure to include a note with the application that a translator will be needed for the health interview and indicate what language.
If you have any questions, please contact your Sales Director.

Assisting Non-English Speaking Applicants