Asset Care Campaign: Meet Thorpe

OneAmerica: Meet Thorpe Story

Using Thorpe’s Story

Since being appointed power of attorney for his ailing father, Thorpe has faced increasingly difficult decisions about how to best provide care. His dad wants to stay in a house that is no longer safe for him and needs more care than Thorpe is able to provide by himself. This experience has made Thorpe consider the situation he might find himself in one day.

OneAmerica, Meet Thorpe imageThorpe’s story can help you connect with those living in retirement while also caring for an aging parent. Asset Care can help families be there for each other without the difficulties of becoming caregivers.

For Thorpe, we highlight how Single Premium Annuity Funding Whole Life can be used to take an asset that’s already part of his portfolio and repurpose it to help him make sure he won’t need to worry about his care as he ages.

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